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My name is and I am an angler, explorer, archaeologist, and software architect. I initially built this site as a tool to better understand the fish species around me and then in June of 2013 I decided to publish it online for everyone.

Florida Gar

I live in Tampa Bay, Florida and my goal is to catch, photograph, and release as many fish species as I can - I have caught 156 species to date. I love nature, adventure and exploring; most free hours are spent hiking, kayaking, fishing and taking photos. I am a member and volunteer of Tampa Bay Watch.

Spotted Sunfish

I have a BA in Anthropology from Auburn University and an MA in Archaeology from the University of Alabama, but I currently spend my time working in information technology programming and architecting logistics, warehouse, and order management systems. I have worked with most web based programming languages and databases; my most recent work has been with real time analytics using Node.js.

I hope some of you find the site useful and feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I would love to hear how people are using the site and any feedback you have. Links

Change Log

  • 10/25/2016 16:22:29
    Robots have finally defeated me. Adding reCAPTCHA to the contact form. Goodbye spam.
  • 06/08/2016 13:53:21
    Added functionality to compare the ranges of two species
  • 06/07/2016 12:03:36
    Updates to the Harpeth Watershed (05130204) per user feedback
  • 05/12/2016 14:55:11
    Added in the Redeye Bass splits from 2013. Cahaba Bass, Chattahoochee Bass, Tallapoosa Bass, Warrior Bass & Bartram's Bass
  • 04/19/2016 16:41:09
    Adding first data set of NANFA submitted locations.
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Data provided by NatureServe.
Database built from NatureServe's Digital Distribution Maps of the Freshwater Fishes of the Conterminous United States, Version 3.0.
Nonindigenous data provided by USGS Nonidigenous Aquatic Species database and NAS Web Services API.
Collection occurence data provided by FishNet 2 API services.